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5 Reasons to Buy an Investment Property This Spring in SC

Thinking about buying an investment property? Make sure you read this blog post to discover 5 reasons to buy an investment property this spring in SC…

Are you thinking about buying an investment property in the near future? You can buy any time of year but you may want to think about buying this spring.

5 reasons to buy an investment property this spring in SC…

Reason #1 To Move Forward

buying an investment house in the springSpring is a time of optimism. Whether you live in sunny Florida or in the snow-covered northern states, January to March is a time when people feel the laziest and least motivated.

Many New Year’s resolutions have been made and broken and people drag themselves through February and into March. Then, there is a change in the weather with sunnier days and new growth happening around us which brings more energy and a sense of renewed purpose. So use the next month or so to analyze different properties, buy one or more, and start receiving the benefits of having an investment property

So use the next month or so to analyze different properties, buy one or more, and start receiving the benefits of having an investment property

Reason #2 To maintain your 90 Day Cycle

Research has shown that people who are most successful at accomplishing their goals have a plan of action for each 90-day cycle. As mentioned above, people shuffle through January and February but as spring arrives, there is a renewed determination to refocus and move towards financial freedom.

Maybe your goal is to buy several investment properties this year. By buying one in the spring, then you can plan and look around and buy your second or third property in the fall and reach your target.

Reason #3 To Reap The Financial Benefit

When people wait for October or November to buy an investment property they are not reaping the financial rewards throughout the year. Tax breaks and rental income will benefit you for most of the year rather than for just a few months at the end of the year.

Reason #4 To Get It Done Before Summer

Summer is busy and routines change. Our schedule gets interrupted and plans and goals get postponed. Eliminate the temptation to put off buying an investment property because the majority that don’t buy in the spring end up buying in the fall, which leads to the missed benefits of maintaining motivation and receiving income for a longer period of time.

Buy in the next few months and then enjoy your summer holidays. Taking action NOW leaves you with fewer regrets LATER.

Reason #5 To Become Financially Free Faster

Maybe you are just starting out in real estate investing or maybe this is the last rental property that you need to have your passive income become more than your expenses.

Either way, buying a cash flowing property this spring will help you become financially free. Financial freedom arrives when income that you don’t have to work for (passive income) is more than your monthly expenses.


There are many reasons to invest but these are 5 reasons to buy an investment property this spring in SC.

We have a large selection of investment properties and we are constantly adding to it, so if you want to see what we have available, click here now and fill out the form our call our office at (803) 889-0840.


Ben Lovro

Ben Lovro is an entrepreneur with a vision to improve neighborhoods and revitalize the communities that we live in. He has a clear passion for people and has developed effective strategies and real estate solutions in todays rapidly changing market. He is committed to being a lifelong student of Success Strategies and Leadership. Knowing what you want is perhaps the most important step in self-development; this takes much persistence and self examination. Once your desire to serve God overwhelms all other desires, you begin to step into your purpose and your mission in life changes. To be fulfilled in life you have to grow. The art of fulfillment is what develops our life into an expression for others to follow. Some of our greatest moments come from facing our fears and doing the things that scare us the most. You have been given one life, and one chance to tell your story. It's never too late to become the person that want to be.

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