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How to Know if You Should List Your House or Sell it Directly in Columbia

How to Know if You Should List Your House or Sell it Directly in Columbia

The decision to sell your home is a big one, and the method you select to sell can make the difference in retaining more of the profits for yourself. Given the abysmal statistics, you are wise to bypass the FSBO or for sale by owner route. While real estate agent commissions are offputting, hiring an expert to handle the paperwork, appointments, and meeting deadlines on your behalf is an attractive benefit. 

However, professional home buyers that buy directly from sellers offer another solution that may save you time and money, leaving more of your hard-earned profits in your hands at closing. Read on to explore whether you should list your house or sell it directly in Columbia.


Your finances may determine whether you should list your house or sell it directly in Columbia. As the old saying goes, you have to spend money to make money, and listing a property requires an outlay of cash upfront; otherwise, you will pay for the things you don’t prep or repair at the closing table in negotiations. In addition, buyers often request outrageous credit off the asking price for taking on the work, in addition to the commissions, fees, and expenses that all come off at closing, further depleting your profits. By first consulting a local professional home buyer about whether you should list your house or sell it directly in Columbia, you can make an informed decision. Then, when you work with a professional home buyer from Cash Home Buyers, you’ll have an outline of the expenses and profit you could make by listing with an agent vs. our offer for your home as-is and all of the details used in our calculations. You won’t pay any commissions or closing costs, and there are never any hidden fees when you sell directly to Cash Home Buyers. After discussing your circumstances, and reviewing your property, if listing with an agent is best for your situation, your professional home buyer from Cash Home Buyers will tell you so.


Homes that sell within the first week are likely to get their asking price; as the weeks add up, that statistic falls dismally, and agents respond by dropping your price. Not all properties are equal, and listing with a real estate agent when your home isn’t in ready-to-move-in condition can cost you. If you haven’t invested the time, energy, and finances required to bring the home up to its best, typically, buyers will pass it by, and the days and weeks are likely to add up fast as the listing lingers. If you find yourself in this position, talk to a professional home buyer about whether you should list your house or sell it directly in Columbia. We’ll make an offer that you will agree is fair; we are your neighbors here in Columbia, living and working alongside you, and we want you to feel good about the deal and working with Cash Home Buyers long after you’ve left the closing table.


Suppose time is of the essence, and you are debating whether you should list your house or sell it directly in Columbia. In that case, you should understand that your agent can make no guarantee on the closing date or that the property will sell, leaving you carrying the costs to hold and maintain the property. By working with a professional home buyer like those at Cash Home Buyers, you’ll have a cash buyer and a guaranteed closing date that could be in as fast as seven days, or talk to us about making special arrangements if you need more time; at Cash Home Buyers, our process is fast but flexible.


If the thought of showings or having photographs of the interior of your home blasted worldwide across the internet makes you shudder, and you are wondering if you should list your house or sell it directly, consider talking to a local professional home buyer in Columbia. Selling a house to a professional home buyer is not only quick, but it’s convenient. With no showings, cleaning, prep, or repairs looming over your head, let the pros at Cash Home Buyers take all of the work, expenses, and legal risks onto our shoulders and off of yours.

Do you still have questions? You will find the professional home buyers at Cash Home Buyers stop everything and listen, especially with what may be one of your life’s most significant financial transactions. Talk to one of the professional home buyers at Cash Home Buyers with no obligation about whether you should list your house or sell it directly in Columbia; we take the time to listen and understand the qualities that make your property unique. If you’ve got any hurdles to overcome, let us help you find the solution at Cash Home Buyers, we’re more than happy to address any concerns you have about the process. Call Cash Home Buyers at (803) 889-0840.

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