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How to Sell a House in Columbia When You Live in Another Part of the Country

How to Sell a House in Columbia When You Live in Another Part of the Country

Life has a way of throwing curveballs at us and changing our plans unexpectedly. Often sellers find themselves with a home in another part of the country that needs to sell because of a change in job location or to be closer to a family member, or they have inherited property. In addition, as more and more workers become remote, many people have the freedom to change the location they consider home base, meaning more and more homeowners are selling their homes via long distance. Whatever the reason, it can be extremely stressful to carry another home financially and have so many essential details to tend to from a great distance.

Understanding what steps you need to consider throughout the process will help ensure everything goes smoothly. So read on as we explore how you can sell your house in Columbia long distance.


Despite the best representation, it’s still vital that you are on-site as often as possible during the process to ensure the best outcome when you sell a house in Columbia and live in another part of the country. In addition, should you decide to list as for sale by owner, or FSBO, you’ll need to be present to meet your potential buyers. By selling directly instead to a local professional home buyer like those at Cash Home Buyers, you will have a guaranteed closing date, typically in a few weeks or less. 

Prepping and Repairs

You should be present to allow access to the property for estimates on any necessary prep work or repairs so that you can address everything before listing and earn the highest profits when you sell a house in Columbia and live in another part of the country. However, if you’re in a hurry or don’t want to take on the project via long-distance, a direct sale to a professional home buyer like those at Cash Home Buyers may be the solution you seek. At Cash Home Buyers, we buy Columbia homes in as-is condition for cash. 


Another option to sell a house in Columbia when you live in another part of the country is to contact a real estate agent and list the property or list it yourself as an FSBO. In addition to prep work and repairs, with either option, you’ll need to cover the expenses of the inspection and appraisal. If the inspector discovers any issues, you may also have the headache of dealing with possible contingencies in the contract. Additionally, you’ll need to hire a professional photographer and 360-degree virtual tour videographer, and possibly a professional stager, along with the rest of your marketing costs, real estate commissions, broker fees, and closing costs. If you would rather keep your money in your pocket and keep the commissions for yourself, selling directly to a professional home buyer like those at Cash Home Buyers may be your solution. When you sell directly to us at Cash Home Buyers, you won’t even pay any of the closing costs. Our contracts are simple and don’t include hidden fees; our cash offer is the amount you will receive at the closing.


Curb appeal plays a significant role in response to your property, so maintaining the property’s interior and exterior is essential when you’re trying to sell a house in Columbia when you live in another country. To help keep your stress levels remain low, you will need a trusted friend or family member or hire a representative to check on your home as often as possible and keep an eye on everything, such as keeping complimentary newspapers from piling up. In addition, a poorly maintained home creates a general unkempt and abandoned appearance that could make your house a target for criminals or mischievous characters, which can be costly. However, by working with a professional home buyer to buy your house directly, like those at Cash Home Buyers, we can help you overcome the obstacles that make a traditional home sale challenging and costly.

Sell Direct

Let Cash Home Buyers save your time and money. The easiest, quickest, and most convenient way to sell a house in Columbia is when you live in another part of the country is to work with a local professional home buyer from Cash Home Buyers. You will know what your home would sell for on the market vs. the offer from your professional home buyer at Cash Home Buyers. You will have all of the details of each sales method and understand precisely how we reached our offer, which you will agree is fair. At Cash Home Buyers, our full-service team of professionals and network of providers are the most highly sought after in the real estate industry. With the most up-to-date technology and seasoned professionals on your team, from attorneys to the closing, we handle everything for your remote home sale in-house and make selling a home long-distance a breeze. Call Cash Home Buyers at (803) 889-0840.

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